Fresh Start

it’s the eve of new year’s and it’s snowing – puffs of flakes in sugar cube sorrow clinging to the tips of frozen pussywillows – firm cotton-like wispy down clumps of cauliflower – observing people drunkenly careen across the whited out blacktop infants daring to take their first steps – they all have plans i’m…

Glimmer of Hope

they saw a glimmer of hope slicing through the water – no matter how they tried neither method nor container could clasp it – as a passing cloud settled overhead they lost sight of it – they’ve been searching ever since

Alien Lights Just Before Daybreak

lights are so eerily beautiful early morning after a rain – serene haloed against the smoke and cobalt of a cloudy sky just before the sun burns it away – how they float with phantasmal grace against the ink of black pen stroke forestry – writhing on the pavements in halogen ecstasy quick silver tracing…

Against the Fissure

join hands grip tight while the ground splits – the rift expands splintering tectonic weight rumbling in low register roar – rolling ‘neath uncertain feet piling a coil of rough hewn ribbon erecting new rock faced monuments against the pressure – perhaps if we can hold on long enough we can weather the changes before…


i’m a man who likes the things in life i can’t have – the anticipation seizes me – fruit is never as sweet as before you taste it

Deadbolt Diary 2

Music plays from the corner of the room. The window, cracked, allows the chill to seep in, crawling to me from sill to floor. It lunges, unseen, in widening bounds, descending upon me as I lie suspended in a cocoon of varied fabrics. The roar of the furnace erupts in intervals, combatting the vicious cold….

A Walk at Midnight

took a walk at midnight mid december neath the full moon in open air past lonely cornfields barren cut to the quick at harvest – didn’t speak just kept walking through empty streets across from apartment complexes storage units street lamps desolate strip malls – i don’t like this world in the light of day…

Word Salad

hey read that draft you sent me have to say couldn’t hear your voice – i looked and looked but i couldn’t find you on the page – there were so many people shouting at me you were inaudible neath the cacophony – took me a while to chew through the word salad even with…

Lip Service

i get her on her knees and she won’t look at me but i’ll take what i can get these days i don’t get much anymore and it bothers me that it doesn’t seem to bother me like I think it should – even the tease of this wet mouth bobbing indignantly while tracing the…

Deadbolt Diary

The yellow tint of the cool morning sun bleeds through the plated shades of my sliding glass door this December morning. A sense of nauseousness refuses to lift, blending with an anxiousness from the past five days. I apply five cups of french pressed coffee to the sick, making it worse. I want to vomit….