tripping through sands rising falling summer heat shifting mellow trickle rippling the pebble plunks spreading out in all directions stream flows on stone face eroding jagged smoothed sediment lost in the muck

All We’ll Never Do

all the paintings we’ll never paint all the pictures we’ll never take all the books we’ll never read all the movies we’ll never see all the words we’ll never say all the songs we’ll never hear all the places we’ll never go all the food we’ll never taste all the friends we’ll never make all…

Cosmic Zappai

letting her hair down distant stars fall in mourning exploding silence

American Imayo

you need to go make money – i must never stop offered unto the dollar – nameless worker bee utilitarian cog – in a cruel machine everything and more’s for sale – nothing excepted


shave the wax from gibbous – whittle it down to a candle suspended serenely in celestial splendor lambent piece of eight placed upon the still eye of the world paying the fare for the journey across stellar styx – two ships passing calmly through space

An Interesting Bus Ride

i boarded the bus early that morning coming off a grave shift – a prolonged evening of stocking racks and unloading trucks – prime of my youth – the stop was lonely during those early hours and i waited there alone quite a long time – eventually the shuttle arrived and the long shuttered door…

Breakfast Blend

i brewed a carafe of coffee french pressed and piping hot – i kept the top removed from the kettle then turned the corresponding dial on the electric stove – i leaned upon the venting unit and stared as the element changed – the sooty slate-like coloring erupted emerging from faded ruby to an angry…

Pioneer Spirits

pioneer spirits take to the plains once more – you’ve stood your ground too long – seek out new unexplored avenues scale hills and mountaintops gaze upon a world spread out before you taste the unknown fruits of exploration toss aside the compass of expectation pursue the stars of your constellation let your prairie soul…

Neon Souls

flashpan neon souls igniting the world – electric smiles buzzing loud amidst the quiet – subdued stoic existence – baring puffed chests in the presence of deflated gasbags and disapproving glares screaming in ecstasy hot blood flushing their cheeks – blooming roses in stone gardens barren untilled salted soil – screaming life from the rafters…


threshing commences elegant flair of a flippant wrist – flailing upon delicate stalks of fruiting grain – beneath the sun is closing growing dim in the dying days of warmth drawing shades on another passing moment greeting the moon claustrophobic entombment of the granary – no malice in this action merely nature – unencumbered by…