Breakfast Blend

i brewed a carafe of coffee

french pressed

and piping hot

i kept the top removed from the kettle

then turned the corresponding dial

on the electric stove

i leaned upon the venting unit

and stared as the element changed

the sooty slate-like coloring erupted

emerging from faded ruby to

an angry maraschino

i stared


into that pot

listened as the metal strained

as the water burbled and popped

agitated and disturbed

by the vehement calefaction

i let the steam rise to my flesh

observed the bubbles frenetically emerging

dropping the grounds into the press

retrieving the kettle from the stove

evenly applying the scalding fluid

as a small almond head appeared atop

then set aside to bloom


stirring and preparing to steep

i poured the brew into the stainless mug

bending my neck to breathe in the breakfast blend melange of

citrus and brown sugar

i sipped

then gulped

then pounded back

poured another

kept at it til it hurt

felt pain in my chest

heart beating fast and hard

mind turning frantic

paranoia digging in sharp talons

dissolving my gut in acid

i didn’t feel tired the rest of the day

didn’t sleep that night

i made a new pot that next morning


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