Debut Silk – A Found Poem

gun photography – hot copper microphone – abolish fantasy explain miscarriage learn image – perfect minute company scan – great dome passion – mean mother killer reverse racism tidy parking – roll kick confine decline – mistreat – bitter drag athlete debut silk wrestle expression – concede jurisdiction dilute charity indirect promise – break –…

Neon and Novocaine

voice glissading gliding on synth waves neon and novocaine – heroine heartache naked beneath the colors

Unrequited – A Sedoka

would you drift with me chariot beset with fire deliquesce your icy heart – the chill of winter remains unyielding despite your efforts to stoke the flame

Flooded Beaches

on flooded beaches sea life strewn upon the shore gasping their last breath – the moon hangs above clouds pass like windswept petals blackening the sky – out upon the waves a ship wrecks and no one knows corpses crowned with foam – deep sea songs echo cries of the damned harmonize drifting on the…

Your Hand

withdraw your hand that one you insist upon extending take it back unto yourself – i shirk your proffered intimacy fleeing towards frigid wastes of estrangement – tenuous ties fraying whilst the fibers fail prelude to its plummeting mass – behold my broken shell and hidden jelly lined interior frail and enfeebled bleeding out onto…