Midwestern Folk

there’s something about midwestern folk hidden in the pine and oak lurking in plain view unsettling – warm façade, mad laughter, grin askew venom tongues drip beaded dew grifting and peddling con artists – faced with change they commence with nettling if that won’t work then kettling purged weeds for harvest cut down quick –…

Some Other Time

recently i was asked do you love your family? i quickly responded No. there a hushed pause lingered on the other end of the line broken by the utterance of a meek confused Why? it’s a long story i said some other time

Gave Up the Ghost

gave up the ghost and watched it flailing clinging to its wretched form wary of uncertain valleys sent off to venture forth how miserable he seemed to part with me before our finest hour had the chance to toll and to exhort

There She Lays – A Spenserian Poem

perched atop a spiral stair observing the tile work craftsmanship fairest of fair elegance no detail shirked grim voices in darkness lurk draws her notice and her gaze anxious feeling in her irked doomed to spiral in a daze down and down and there she lays

From the Screen – A Tripadi

she smiled at me from the screen and it was the warmest i’d been for the longest time i could remember didn’t know her name just her face from movies i’d seen at my place watching alone filling this intense need lying there lying to myself believing her gaze is heartfelt knowing all along she…

It Was Over – A Rondelet

it was over no words exchanged nor glances passed it was over vacant plot a field of clover a fragile form not built to last a crucible in which we’re cast it was over

Open Unto You – An Endecha

i hold you in my arms and they remain empty despite their deep longing for your warmth open unto you a love you can’t requite