Measuring Up

your blood rushes magmatic

vascular filaments ignited

‘neath less than

two millimeters of flesh

confidence betrays you

eyes lowered

a subtle act of humility


so close

you can smell it

taste it

flit it with an eager tongue

rigid protrusion of inadequacy

prodding your flaccid ego

penetrating your self-image

sowing fertile seeds of doubt

taking root

subdued within the fibrous vines of abstraction

bound to their will

placed beneath them

absorbing the full length of the shadow cast

your own dwarfed

bashful in its presence pink

wilting before its firmness

spurning your individuality

your stunted growth



impotent in the face of virility

exposed in your softness

its mass magnifying

your smallness

quivering masochistically

in the chastening euphoria

of never measuring up


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