Stolen by the Wind

uttering goodbye, not a word spoken. passing like arthritic memories into an impassive night. dull ache, throbbing in the tender bones of a lonely soul. a quiet agony, written on a pale face wracked with demons. each reflection given a name and lodging. a heart divided, unable to stand. torn, stolen by the wind.

Missing Child

where has that childish abandon flown to what corner has it tucked itself within whose arrogant ignorance mighty walls erected and fell beneath the pen faceless omnipotence god of fact fiction whose word scarred paper hearts bleeding ink upon the page in whose eye every image was wonder not closed to mysteries ears closed to…

Fish Head

that fish smell of filth unwashed overripe body seasoned with pore salt

Slipping from View

perhaps it’s best we stop here, parting ways at the crossroads we stood too long beside. we know the adage: how gold never stays. surely, far greater loves than ours have died. we bear the gaunt trappings of yesteryear, ghostly figures shambling in plushy flesh, driven on by stark loneliness and fear. pitiful beings: the…

Detox/Natural Healing – A Chueh-Chu

blanketed in starless night, upon the dew-doused grass, he sleeps without a care beneath sugar scented maple trees. no greater comfort is there, than that which is wild and free; which unburdens the heart and soul, which long years made heavy.

The Flow of Time

This poem was an experiment. I took Robert Frost’s Acquainted with the Night, retaining his end rhymes and sonnet form, then played with it a bit. I wanted to work with the spacing between words and building smaller poems into the whole. The two lines act as links between phrases (my attempt to show that…

The Devil’s in the Details

the devil’s in the details, you devious debutante. your dark dealings, brought to light, dare to damage your position. daunting as it seems, this dreadful day draws drearily towards a disappointing end. dapper demagogues declare their distaste for such displays, desperate to distinguish themselves. don’t despair, you dutifully upheld your end against those disgruntled deviants….