A Stolen Kiss

does the snow remember the leaf it so briefly kissed as it died melting or the somber grey of winter on her burning gold promises of spring rays of bergamot claim the tender lot sending june to her cheeks blushing seasons alight – flushed red with august – rushed auspicious lush roses dripping frozen ground…

Morning – A Haiku

morning spent alone rattling distant railroad tracks grey sky and treeline

For All the World – A Kyrielle

somewhere far across the ocean opalescent adorned in pearl stagnant lost removed from motion a hidden gem for all the world – ancient bricks and crystal pathways sunk beneath brine and ocean swirl drowned in foam and coral bouquets a hidden gem for all the world

Ice Shattered Flowers- A Breccbairdne

ice shattered flowers sinking in the whistling wind subduing rigid stems the cool rain drizzling – shimmering parterre festive floral vessels tranquilly set adrift coursing pools of beryls – nectarine sunlight gusting gales of august quickened by its gentle shove towards dusk and stardust

Neon and Novocaine

voice glissading gliding on synth waves neon and novocaine – heroine heartache naked beneath the colors

Crying With the Wind

i sat by the window and it was cold that night but i let the air in anyway billowing past ruffling my blackout shade thudding with a rumbling rippling until at last settling once more on the chipping egg white of the pitted frame – it made me uncomfortable but i found comfort in that…

The Blue Eyes of Morning

and the blue eyes of morning blink – closing shut upon the still desolation of harsh winter storms – frozen shut – tears flowing freezing crystal streams streaking diamonds upon the pale face of sorrow – oh how the unpigmented landscape shrieks as the warmth of spring entreats allowing once more the rivers to run…