Sign Here and Never Mind the Fine Print

will this be what remains of me: the hours worked, certificates gained, events attended? will this be the face, reflected in the gallery of eyes, that never saw me as i was? will this be the voice still reverberating, writhing on airwaves, spouting scripted speech spuriously? will this be the book, writing on the pages…

Ashen Bed of the Lake of Fire – A Cywydd Llosgyrnog

heaven explodes with champagne fire matchstick treetops conduct fierce choirs snapping limbs tire cracking sharp timbered titans tumble beneath aqueous cinder flowing seethes drowned earth still breathes ashen bark

Curious Final Thoughts

plummeting from the cliff at daybreak i see myself reflected in the shallow pool that breaks my fall – the rocks appear rather jagged from this height proliferating many a ponderous wicked thought as to whether i will feel their innumerable barbed teeth sink into my plushy flesh – my slow descent allows for a…


appease the gods and sate their hunger spread fear among the younger shed blood; fill their cups spill over such young supple flesh on which they sup halcyon minds offered up crushed mint and clover in their hand a spirit high, a body lowered impish jest, divine jokers indifferent towards man nameless meat held to…

Gave Up the Ghost

gave up the ghost and watched it flailing clinging to its wretched form wary of uncertain valleys sent off to venture forth how miserable he seemed to part with me before our finest hour had the chance to toll and to exhort

There She Lays – A Spenserian Poem

perched atop a spiral stair observing the tile work craftsmanship fairest of fair elegance no detail shirked grim voices in darkness lurk draws her notice and her gaze anxious feeling in her irked doomed to spiral in a daze down and down and there she lays

It Was Over – A Rondelet

it was over no words exchanged nor glances passed it was over vacant plot a field of clover a fragile form not built to last a crucible in which we’re cast it was over

Flooded Beaches

on flooded beaches sea life strewn upon the shore gasping their last breath – the moon hangs above clouds pass like windswept petals blackening the sky – out upon the waves a ship wrecks and no one knows corpses crowned with foam – deep sea songs echo cries of the damned harmonize drifting on the…


i placed you in a box a cherished memory bound in unglazed earthenware in order that you may never leave me – your ashes line my pyre – your dust floats upon the very air i breathe – your death becomes my sacrifice – as your bones snap beneath my weight i will drag your…