The Soul of the Moment – A Quintilla

the soul of the moment, buried ‘neath the rust of moments that passed like smoke, wistfully waning. cast to grey tides, swallowed ‘neath, carried listlessly out to oceans vast.

For All the World – A Kyrielle

somewhere far across the ocean opalescent adorned in pearl stagnant lost removed from motion a hidden gem for all the world – ancient bricks and crystal pathways sunk beneath brine and ocean swirl drowned in foam and coral bouquets a hidden gem for all the world

Island Heart

she bids adieu to sun bleached shores slinking through sand before sunrise chilly opalescence shimmering pale morning light breathing deep the nautical breeze gazing off to distant lands beyond the horizon far from where her passion lies shipwrecked heart tossed unto island seclusion suffering rays of a sun which disrupts the darkness confronting the hidden…

Message in a Bottle

sealed in glass bottles shipwrecked souls washed upon the shores of dense desert isles corked in air tight longing to escape heralding messages unread while the tides roll in receding back infinitely peer through this pellucid vessel marvel at unknown terrors sunk beneath the waves hidden horrors buried ‘neath the sand the fury of the…