Peepshow From a Peephole – A Huitan

one can never be too sure of these things, meaning matters of men and their secrets. who knows what dread a friendly word may bring? the snare is in plain view, though few seek it. sleeping dogs may lie, but a man, he sits, waiting to descend when your back is turned, and test if…

Midwestern Folk

there’s something about midwestern folk hidden in the pine and oak lurking in plain view unsettling – warm façade, mad laughter, grin askew venom tongues drip beaded dew grifting and peddling con artists – faced with change they commence with nettling if that won’t work then kettling purged weeds for harvest cut down quick –…

Snapshots of a Small Town

shore leave on sunday local priest smirks condescendingly dark knowledge spilling out over the rim of that pristine white collar. – watch that boy ducking into the cracks in the wall wife alone and desperate for a taste of something new stirring the pot with a thick wooden spoon until hubby gets home. dinner’s ready….


cruelty knows no bounds yet the only word is love – to create such savage blood to fill our cups to the brim to sate such unquenchable thirst – untamable flames burning desire claiming all in our dominion – to never know satisfaction to be ever reaching ever vying for a higher rung to fall…

True Lies

i believe the greatest fault of humanity is our desperation to believe anything even to the extent of substituting good sense with lies