They’re Staring Back – A Hir a Thoddaid Poem

we can sit here together all night, until the first rays of morning light. staring up at stars and satellites, we imagine strange celestial sights: alien, vast, overwhelming and eldritch. understand, they’re staring back in spite.

Star Crossed Dodoitsu

heaven and earth between us orbits never aligning cold and lonely heart of space star crossed lovers lost

Cosmic Zappai

letting her hair down distant stars fall in mourning exploding silence


shave the wax from gibbous – whittle it down to a candle suspended serenely in celestial splendor lambent piece of eight placed upon the still eye of the world paying the fare for the journey across stellar styx – two ships passing calmly through space

Brother Julius

tell me brother julius of nights spent in the open beneath quilted darkness damp heat in the wee hours lost and ignored in a street lamp solar system how you wandered deep into desolate suburban wastes resting affluence of noctilucent methane clouds hanging cold on the edge of night satin sprawled amidst dead heaven how…

Diamond Eyes and Fireflies

do you still stare up to the star filled sky vast and open glade in the forest of night – do you lose yourself in the endless ocean weight of body anchored while the spirit swims free – are you reaching beyond the atmosphere to the cold vacuum of space plucking diamond eyes from its…